Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

Goodbye for now…

I have always valued my relationships… be it with my boyfriend (soon-to-be husband), my sisters and brothers (biological and acquired), my parents and friends.

Having to end a relationship due to a miscommunication or other minor ‘issues’ you could think of  is like wasting your time over that relationship.

For months, words were thrown back and forth…snide remarks were left in the air… hanging…the cold stares were like sharp blades… trying to hit each other…

It was hard… painful..

And I thought being silent will solve everything… that it will stop the stares, the snide remarks and the harsh words… but no…

And now… it stopped because I decided to speak up… I just hope it ends here. right now.

So to you… goodbye for now and maybe when the scars are all healed… I will again smile and be ready…

I sure hope it will be soon…  


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