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Meant to post it on 30 November 2006


I have been trying to blog for what? The whole week!!! However due to work and also some unforeseen circumstances… I didn’t get the chance to do so… now is my chance…


About Work

I have been offered two different kinds of jobs. One was related to procurement and the other was about quality. The procurement job offer was mentioned when I received my award (which was almost a month ago?) and the quality job offer was just last week.


Due to these two job opportunities, I decided to seek my boss’ opinion as well as his blessings in case, I decide to leave and take one of these offers. He did give me some advice but told me straight away that nothing can be done until I finish our project which was what I intend to do.


However, he also gave me a bird’s eye view of his plans for both of us. I did tell him that I intend to stay under his supervision because he gives me the freehand to do things my way and allows me (if I can manage) to explore any freelance writing to practice what I studied.  


After that conversation, I just suddenly missed my dad because when I was still in the Philippines, I would always consult him about my career even if he would just shrug his shoulders and throw the question back at me saying, “It’s your call.”


(Oh no! Not another homesick attitude from me!)


Change topic.


About Robert

We have moved (don’t know if I did mention that before)! We now have our ‘own’ home (it’s actually just a room but then who cares?!). It was difficult at first… We fought a lot about where to put ‘my’ things, ‘his’ things, where to drill (so we could put some shelves), etc.


I got stressed out and so did he… however, I have to admit that whatever was done to make our room spacious and clean was all thanks to him (still preparing the photographs… still doing a day 1, day 2 account of the house… see how excited I was???).


Now that we have our ‘own’ space… it feels good. Different actually.


About Me

Since the end of the year is fast approaching. I want to re-evaluate my life in terms of my career, my family (meaning mom, dad, bro and sis) and my soon-to-be family (no babies yet?!). I think I need to…


Comments on: "Contemplate…" (2)

  1. Wow…haven’t visited you in a while, and you seem all….grown up! (sorry for talking like a mom)

    Good to see nice things happening to you : )

  2. mare… i think you should call your new place ‘munting paraiso’… hahaha… it really is ‘munti’ naman talaga eh! hahaha…

    See you soon!

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