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Mo’time Bloggers

I am so glad that she is back!

Now that I want to write, I found out that people who I love to read have stopped their journals. I don’t know if its because they got tired or its because they have a new obsession (A lot of people, I think, are saving up their money while they wait in anticipation for the birth of the iPhone) or they have been just swimming through loads and loads of paperwork (me included).

Last night while having our coffee date, my twin and I got the chance to talk about the ‘next step.’ She said the next step for her would be going to Singapore (still contemplating on whether I should come with her… it’s just a week but it pains me to think that Rob will be left all alone here) either as a tourist or as an OFW.

I thought about what my ‘next step’ will be after that coffe date.

My next step is to to get this ‘writing’ stint going. I need to DO something. I’m planning on signing up for a year to this freelance job agency in the internet. I have this thinking that if I do that I KNOW I need to really get it going because I paid for it. However that is still at the back end because I’m worried about using my credit card online. 

I think I’m talking in circles here but I hope this is the start for me… and in that line, I hope that Mo’time bloggers will be back too.   


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  1. In case you didn’t know, I’ve gone to Blogger. Hehe.

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