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Loving Someone is ….

In a couple’s attempt to always be together… fights… may it be petty, brutal or silent… can never be avoided even if you want to.

Rob usually tries to avoid that however I (being a constant whiner and at times a careless bitch) tries to blow everything… bitch style!

It happened one fine day… Words were said… Painful.

Suddenly, we were silent. I thought the ‘B’ word will come up.

It did not. We just said our goodnights and went to bed.

The next day we went to work. My thoughts were still about why we fight… why care about other people… why? why?

In the evening, Rob called me and he said that he’d be late. I said OK.

When he arrived, he gave me a big kiss and hug… and gave me this

That was it… no words to utter. Nothing. That was it. Everything forgiven.


Comments on: "Loving Someone is …." (2)

  1. anonymous said:

    ang sweet naman


  2. yes he is indeed very sweet. Swerteng swerte na talaga ako! 🙂

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