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Before, Rob and I always thought we would never be able to do certain things just by ourselves. Maybe because ‘people’ always tell us that … ‘It’s hard’ or ‘You need us to be with you’ or ‘There’s no time for that, why don’t we do this?’ and the list of ‘excuses’ goes on and on.

At first we were hesitant, can we really do it? What if they were right that we will not be able to do it alone? So shoving those questions aside, we have completed a few in just two months!

1) Mall of the Emirates



Going to this mall is a pain (really). It costs us Dhs 20 to get there and another Dhs 30 to get back home (kayo na ang magkwenta basta x 13)! Going to this mall is indeed a great experience. We thought we would not be able to go here because it really is far from our place but through determination, we made it.

2) Abra Ride

Remember the movie ‘Dubai’? Where Claudine rode a banca going to the other side of the city? I can proudly say that we have done that!!!! It was fun ride! I first thought it was going to be scary. Takot tumaob diba?

It was fun (sorry repeating myself) but it really was!

3) Going to the B-A-R

We thought of doing it with some friends. Heck! Why do we need to drag people… what we did? It was just a spur of the moment thing, straight from work, we went to the bar and partied till 12 (Cinderella time!)midnight before we turn into frogs. Hahaha!

4) Walkathon

Yup! It was just last week when we had our first walkathon – together! It was a very llloooonnnnggggg walk believe me… but it was romantic and fun (again)

Sheikh Zayed Road

Its amazing that in the span of 2 months, we were able to do all these when we have already spent 3 years of our lives here just going to the malls and sleep?

Now, I’m looking forward for more things that we can do TOGETHER!


Comments on: "We have DONE it! (Thanks to no one but us!)" (1)

  1. It took us a lot longer to figure out what you’ve figured out in 3 short years.

    Happy Valentine’s day!

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