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Never Ever!

I have been in charge of the kitchen for sometime now. It’s actually not my turf since I don’t really know how to cook ‘fabulous’ dishes but since I am the missus in this relationship, I have to learn how to cook … FAST!

Rob has been wonderful… During our first few months, he would gladly take the responsibility of being the cook even if he was already dead tired from work.

I wanted to help out but we always clash because he has a different opinion of how the dish should be cooked and I have mine. So, we decided that instead of clashing and headbutting on how to cook the dish, the other person NOT cooking should keep his / her mouth shut unless asked.

It worked. Until last Saturday (17 February 2007).

Rob was craving for kare-kare (oxtail with peanut butter sauce). Since I got home first, I have decided, I will be the cook for the night!

I called Rob and told him that I’d be in-charge for the night. He said OK.

I was still trying to boil the tail until it becomes tender (meaning chewy) when Rob arrived. He then decided to help out and starts telling stories about how his mom cooks ‘kare-kare.’ From the course of the conversation, I knew that he wanted the dish to be the same as how his mom cooks it.

I actually (sort-of) said that what he wanted was hard plus the fact that we were already HUNGRY. Still Rob insisted.

I told him that it would just take time. Still he insisted. I was beginning to get mad and started getting irritated. Then…

SILENCE (we even ate in silence).

In the end, I apologized.

Moral Lesson: NEVER EVER argue about your soon-to-be mother-in-law’s cooking even if you think otherwise


Comments on: "Never Ever!" (5)

  1. hey! got here thru pammy! my big bro’s in dubai too! =)

  2. talaga? where is he working?

  3. Wow! Pangarap ko rin matutong magluto ng kare-kare pero seafood. Si Kernie ko magaling talagang magluto kaya dilemma ko rin minsan how to cook up dishes that can satisfy his tastes.

    Pero tama yung ginawa mo. Instead of having a full-blown fight, better to keep quiet na lang muna and let yourselves cool off.

    Pero dapat ma-appreciate naman niya yung effort mo to cook for him whether it’s as good as his mom’s or hindi.

    Jayme πŸ™‚

  4. anonymous said:

    Haha. If it’s any consolation, I’m not a great cook either. Besides, kare-kare is quite a complicated dish. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog. I quit my call center job more than a year ago. I started writing for a PR agency immediately after.

    Take care! πŸ˜€


  5. Rachiel Key, please redirect my blog to the address above. That’s the updated one. Hope to hear from you soon. HUwag ka ng magtampo..pauliewannahade

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