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I have a lot of things running in my head right now… They are spinning around trying to get my attention… ‘Pick me!’

I don’t want to pick any of them…

I don’t know if I’m actually making sense here…

I just don’t want to think at this moment in time… I guess when one’s sick, everything flashbacks (hey no worries, I only have a cold and cough.. in case anyone’s interested)… things you could have done but did not get the time… things you could have said but never got the chance… things you could have…

Why do you think they have the phrase(s) ‘could have been’.. ‘might have been’… ‘should have been’.. phrases about regret… about not letting go of a part of your past… just because you ‘could.. or should.. or might’ have done something about it… letting you feel that regret…

Honestly, I don’t even know why I am feeling like this right now…

Maybe because I still feel sick… maybe because I feel ‘homesick’ or maybe… I don’t know


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  1. I have a bad cold too, hope we both shake it quickly!

    As I get older, I find I waste less time focused on the “might have been” or “should have been” and instead see clearly the beauty of the day that I am in, that stretches before me. I can’t do anything about the past. I can do everything about today. Life is beautiful! Enjoy!

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