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I always tell people that I love going to the beach… letting my feet get deep into the sand… watching the waves of the sea calm me… letting me feel peace… I don’t know if the beach has this effect on other people but it has that effect on me.

It’s like the beach and I have this ‘special connection’… even without words, like a massage therapist, it knows where my ‘stress’ points are … the waves works through my nerves, the laughter goes through my heart and the smell of the sea immediately rushes to my soul.

Yet, there’s one problem… I don’t like dipping into the sea… I hate the feeling of the sand in my bathing suit… the seawater in my eyes… the splash of the water on my body.

However, last two weeks ago… I did it!

Rob was actually sooooo in the mood to go to the beach… I am too… It’s just that I’m not feeling ‘that’ well (cough and cold)… so without much ado, off we went to the beach!

To start with, the sun was sooo up… (background: I got up about 8:00AM. I was up but Rob was not so I decided to wait for him to get up which eventually was about 9:00AM). Rob and I started walking to the beach.. perspiring yet giggly, we eventually reached the beach!

Since the sun was already at its fullest, we decided to rent an umbrella… apart from that, we bought ourselves two bottles of water and a bag of chips (yes.. it was kind of a spur of the moment outing for us so we did not get enough time to prepare!)…

I was still having second thoughts if I wanted to go for a dip or just enjoy the scene… Eventually, I did it! I went for a dip and not only once but twice (about half an hour each dip!).

I soooo love the water! I felt like I was a baby having my first encounter with my mother (Mother Nature!). She was very careful… not allowing a hint of regret or disappointment run through me. She read my mind… It was amazing!

Also, Rob and I got the chance to talk a lot of stuff… about our upcoming wedding (that’s another story… hopefully, if I remember to tell the story), his job, my job, our ‘next’ step (which again would be another story).

So, here are the photos of a splendid day

Beach! Beach!

Beach (yes, they were enjoying the sun with us!!)







Comments on: "Embracing the Beach Finally!!!" (2)

  1. Love this post. What a great day!

  2. thanks IMF! I love this post too!! 🙂

    how are you?

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