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Bonafide Cook

I don’t know if I should really blog about this but I just can’t let it go.

Remember my post about the ‘kare-kare’?

Well, trying to prove myself and I guess to Rob that I do know how to cook a dish, I braved the supermarket and bought myself an ox’s tail and decided I need to cook this dish again or it will haunt me forever!

I followed everything stated in the recipe (except for the peanut butter. background: I know they don’t require the peanut butter but having it on the dish makes it creamy!)… I think I boiled the tail for like 3 hours straight!


Now, I can add that to the list of homegrown dish that I have learned to cook! And let me tell you, if I did not get sick for the past three weeks, I could be whipping a few more dishes! Tonight, it’s dimsum for Rob and me, however, it’s still is home-cooked because I did it all by myself!

There! It’s out! I just feel so proud about it because people who have judged me thought I’d never lift and stir a pot… well, I just proved them wrong…


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