Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!


My mind has been blank for sometime… I think I lost some body and mind coordination when I got sick.

I have been making a lot of errors at work (though I think no one has actually noticed the errors -THANK GOD!)… and I’m still trying to sort out a heap of paper at our house thanks to me (i.e. magazines, newspapers, books and the list goes on and on…)

I need to straighten myself out!

I have decided to take a step… that is to at least accomplish something today… whatever that is, I don’t know but I do hope something will be done…


7 months ago, I had to deal with issues that kind of let me wonder if I should even be here in this country…Now I’m opening up to a new challenge and that is to make ‘new friends’. It’s hard for me… I actually had to think this through. I felt bad that I even have to think about it because who should actually think twice about having friends?

I mean friends are like jewels right? You should embrace and in fact feel privileged that people would want to be your friend.

I find it hard to deal with.

Rob says it should not be the case. He said that I should forget about what happen in the past and start over.

I should not let the past determine my future and in this case, my relationship with other people.

I know I should not but it’s like I have this thought that it might happen again. I would invest a lot on that relationship only for it to be ruined by God knows what?!

But I think Rob is right… I just find it hard to do so.

I hope I will be able to soon (sooner if possible).


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  1. Hi Rach! Hope you’re doing okay. Keep smiling!


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