Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

with me getting a bit pissed.

In a diverse country like Dubai, officemates / friends / acquaintances, who came from different countries with different cultures, react to situations differently.

I was busy doing the regular ‘draft this letter for approval’ routine that I do, when one of my managers gave me documents for approval. I have typed the ‘draft’ two days ago when I stayed late while waiting for my immediate boss.

Since I just waiting for the document to be approved by my boss, I emailed the soft copies to my colleague giving her instructions and informing her that since she has the originals, she can type it up… we are just waiting for the approval.


She sent me an e-mail and with this message:-

OK mam

I just stared at my monitor and (well, you know what I did?! F**K). Why does she have to react like that?! I got so pissed about it that I had to tell one of my colleagues (who then told me to ignore her or better yet I should have replied – Thanks Boss!!!) and to my good friend (who then said that I should just let it be because she has some mood swings because of her pregnancy).

Why does she have to do that to me when I told her before that I don’t like being called ‘Ma’am’ or ‘Madam’ because regardless of your position, we should respect each other as co-workers! Yet she does this to me?!

I was soo pissed (I don’t know if I’m reacting to this because I’m having my period…)!!! I just cannot get it out of my head?! Why do I have to deal with this most of the time … people look at me as if I don’t deserve what I get?!

Why? when I worked hard for whatever I am getting??

Now, my weekend is ruined and I’m in sooo much pain



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