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Second Chances

I have just given a piece of my thought to a dear friend about second chances…

Then I realise, I don’t practice what I preach… because up to this very moment, I am not ready to give someone a second chance.

I guess, it depends… on how deep the wound was…

I don’t know if I will actually be able to surpass this ‘stage’…

I don’t feel bitter about it…not anymore but the mere thought of us being friends gives me the creeps. I think that if in case I see them again, I will not act normal…instead, I will be half the person I am… I know for a fact that I can be rude and I might do that to them.

To make them feel how hurt I was… To make them feel that this is what came about of the situation.

I told myself that the only closure for this ‘drama’ is if they admit to all the people in particular to those close to me that I did not harm them in any way… That I did not do anything to make them do what they have done to me…

Just for the record, due to this ‘drama’, I was never the same person… Never! 


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