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I went to the publication today to get my ‘free pair of tickets’ to watch Lauryn Hill in concert (I know!).

I got an e-mail from the publication informing me that I am a winner and also gave instructions on how to get to their office… and also where exactly should I pick up the tickets.

I arrived there, excited to get my tickets and to also see how the office look like (I wanted to try and apply as a contributor, if I could).

I think (even if it was just a glimpse of their reception) the office was great though the people were not exactly nice.

Yeap. I got in the building… I saw a notice saying that visitors of that publication should go to the reception (which was just across that sign). I went to the receptionist’s direction (note: there was no sign on which door to push or pull).

The receptionist looks annoyed with me and told me (in sign language) to use the other door. Trying to compose myself (from my mistake), I asked her politely where I can get my ‘free tickets’.

The receptionist looked more annoyed and just said ‘Mezzanine!’.

I tried not to look back because I know I would just glare at her (Eventually I did but then I can always reason that it was because of the sun). I went up to the Mezzanine floor and went straight to the mail room (I did not want to be friendly with anybody after what happen!).

A guy came out from one of the offices and smiled. Next, a woman, I think in her forties, smiled at him and ignored me (don’t care.. still staring at the guy).

The guy at the mail room was neutral and he actually sound ‘dead’.

I got my tickets and was about to take the elevator… Lady in her forties went in and then I came next… she said in her ‘matter-of-fact’ voice, "This elevator is going up."

I retreated and said ‘ok’ and waited for the other elevator.

I kind of felt a bit irritated… and intimidated I guess.

I suddenly had a thought of what I experienced during my ‘internship’ with one of the publications in the Philippines.

Everytime I go to work then, I would always be amazed about how the editors would dress themselves, have the time to put their make-up, style their hair and still be in command. I mean I can do the ‘be in command’ thing but not the make-up, style the hair and all that ‘look good, feel good’ stuff (though at times I try especially when I know the Managing Director and / or foreign visitors coming in).

Apart from being amazed with their ‘sense of style’, I am also fascinated how they can transform themselves into being a snobbish b**ch?? (ok… not all… please do not be offended).

I felt that awhile ago when I went there.

There was no ‘smiles’… nothing.

I then said to myself… Is this really how the office is? I have seen The ‘Devil Wears Prada’ and it’s sort of a neck-to-neck fight between staff!

I’m not sure if I’m just naive or my office is really just a ‘happy! happy!’ office. 

Anyways, whatever I GOT MY TICKETS!!! 


Comments on: "The ‘Magazine’ World" (3)

  1. anonymous said:

    napansin ko sa mga magazine offices lahat ng tao maganda at naka kulot.


  2. sinabi mo pa geng.. kahit dito… ganito din pala ang attitude.. wala lng… napansin ko lng naman…

  3. Hey if your happy where you work, and you got your tickets, what do you care? lol

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