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Worst Week!!

I think I am having one of the worst week of my life.

A lot of decisions… good and bad… were done over the past week which is affecting my week now.  

A lot of things had also happened over the last week… things that are clouding my mind right now… making me ‘fragile’ and at the same time ‘incompetent’?

I think TODAY is my wake-upper that I should end this!


I think I feel lost for the past few months… over everything!

My soul searching is always being interrupted by work, personal life and other things.


I think I have to put a stop to that ‘soul searching’ business and concentrate more on my job or else I might lose it!

No… the boss did not ask me to leave or something. He likes how I do my work but the thing is, I cannot allow myself to be incapable.


I don’t know if I’m just being too hard on myself.

The boss had a meeting today. We both thought it’s in the morning as it said 8:30-9:00 (GMT) Edinburgh, Lisbon, London.

It turns out the meeting is for 11:00AM, Dubai! Geesh… The boss was already shouting and screaming to the person who set up the meeting… only to find out that the boo-boo was on our end. We were on a different time zone.

I was suppose to notice that!!!! I was suppose to!!! Being the secretary and all, but I was too preoccuppied!!! 😦


I don’t know why I cannot handle criticism well… in this situation, I am not being criticised yet, I’m soo bothered.

By the way, I have not apologised for what happen (Should I?)


Back to work.


Comments on: "Worst Week!!" (4)

  1. Nothing wrong with soul-searching, but probably not a good ideal to do that at work ; )

  2. was not really soul searching in the office… was actually doing it while walking… at home… or you can say whenever I’m alone (actually)…however, it got to a point where it’s affecting my work ethics (not so much… now that I think about it) and I don’t like that! 😦

    I guess I’m beginning to be okay… thanks IML 😛

  3. anonymous said:

    Deep breaths, Rachel. 🙂 It’ll be fine soon. Good luck.

  4. anonymous said:

    Er, this is Janeca pala.

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