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Once upon a time…

** Forgive my writing if you see some errors… (most likely its the tenses – I KNOW!) I just have to write this! Hopefully, I can transform this into a short story and submit it!)

Once upon a time… in a far away land… there lived a prince and princess who was bound to be one… The king and the queen of both kingdoms were not against the couple however they are not that pleased with the situation but decided to deal with it.

However one day, in the deep dark forest while the princess was busy singing and dancing with the animals, a handsome, young prince from the Kingdom of Arabia saw her. He  was captivated by her beauty and the kindness she has shown with the animals.

The princess felt someone was looking at her. She turned around and saw the prince. Strong arms, bright eyes and perfect lips. He also imbibes a commanding presence. He must be a soldier, the princess thought.

She looked at his direction and smiled. This encouraged the prince to go and meet her. Then he stopped.

He hesitated and thought of his princess waiting for his return. Anxiously waiting for his return. However, he decided that if this will be his last day on earth, he would want to meet this beautiful princess.

He slowly walked to her direction. The princess, wanting to speak to this intriguing prince as well, smiled.

They shook hands and without any ado, started a colorful conversation.

The conversation went on for hours. Both ignored the time and the ‘look’ the villagers have been giving them.

The prince looked at the sun as it slowly sets and said, "I’ll see you soon here."

The princes smiled and said… "I will be getting married next week. I would like to invite you to attend the grand ball. Bring your lovely princess with you. I bet we will have a lot of things to discuss."

The prince was stunned but nevertheless did not show it. He bade goodbye to the beautiful princess who has captured his mind and heart.

As for the princess, she, too, was captivated by the prince’s intelligence and charm but knew that this was not the right way to do it. Her prince awaits for her return. However, she will always remember the prince from Arabia as a dear friend.


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