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In my (close to) four years stay here in Dubai, I have tried to be involved in the kitchen ‘more’ rather than just being in bed and watch TV (or read).

I have always been vocal to people (everybody) that I am not a good cook. I can bake… toss a salad… but never do ‘homegrown’ meals.

Rob knew that.

That’s why when we lived ‘on our own’ (literally)… I had to really look through the internet for recipes. I even had to blew dust from my recipe books because they were tucked away… very deep…

I know, I have bragged about my ‘kare-kare’ (thanks to Mama Sita’s kare-kare mix!)… yet I think I have not reached Rob’s expectations.

A lot of sighs, irritated looks, angry stares… just because of my cooking.

I wanted to cook (now more than ever!) however whenever I get these comments from Rob… I just lose faith… I become demotivated.

I know I cannot cook ‘homegrown’ meals but I try … and also, I did not come from a family where cooking ‘bulalo’ or ‘kare-kare’ or whatever has been practiced. Nope. My mom would just cook or should I say saute vegetables… or boil meat and then put whatever ingredients we have on the fridge!

I’m just depressed (again) because one of the conversations of the day was (gulp!) about my cooking. I wanted to scream awhile ago but decided not to.

It’s just… I don’t know… I just want to be complimented or at least acknowledged for the effort I’m doing. I know this is one of our (as a woman) responsibilities… but I’m trying… I’m sooo f**king trying… at least give me some credit for it…



Comments on: "Trying to be Domesticated…" (4)

  1. hi there gurl! =)

    what’s up? me? eto, dito pa rin sa ventus. i might resign next year. ang tagal noh?! i’ll stick to my current position then follow my friends abroad. nakakasawa na rinng maghandle ng team. super slave pa naman tayo sa management. sigh. no wonder all the coaches are resigning….

    miss your blog! take care! =)

  2. And how is Rob’s cooking? We all have certain talents and strengths, but none of us can be expected to excel at everything. Cooking should be a joy, a creative activity, not a test. It’s 2007. Cook if you like, not if you don’t. Declare your independence. Be daring. Be you.

  3. Cook the easy to do dishes. Don’t start with stuff like kare-kare. Man, I hate that stuff. Hehe. And it’s difficult to make, right? (Not like I’ve ever tried; I just used to watch my dad, who’s the REAL cook in the house)

    Start with adobo! You can cook adobo with soy sauce and even without. Tinola is easy to do too.

    Don’t beat yourself over for not being able to cook VERY WELL. Just start small and start moving up as you go along. Did that make sense?

  4. gurl, it is not just a girl’s responisbility anymore…duh! hehehe..miss you.. -van-

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