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Today is a Good Day…

I think I have learned my lesson for being soo mean that I got a lot of things to thank for today:-

1) My boss has approved my leave!!!

It’s nothing official yet but I have verbally asked his permission if I can go on leave (oopppss! Not going to tell when cause I might jinx it!)

2) This is related to No. 1

Since my leave was verbally approved, I immediately searched online if there’s available bookings on XX and XX of XXXXXXX – you won’t believe it! There is!!!! Yes, it’s expensive but I don’t care, the company’s paying my leave!

3) I am back on track!

I have been whining and whining (totally) about not being able to organise myself and stuff like that… Well, now… everything fell into place. All my files are organised… all my documents are in order and the best part of all, no mistakes for 2 days? hehe

4) Unit – Season 1

The boss being his enthusiastic self, lent me his Unit – Season 1 which stars ‘the President’ of 24… well, his the only one I know.

5) A gift!

Yes… because of my dedication and hard work (naks!), I got this as a gift






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