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Happy Day

I want to record this day as a HAPPY DAY!!

It is for a lot of reasons:-

1) I got my book with my two 60-words short stories in it. Yeap my Wonderful World of Worders arrived, my cheque and my congratulatory note from the people who have worked hard to get this book done and published (with a lot of great publicity). I was sooooo happy I wanted to jump awhile ago… I just couldn’t because there was a meeting going on inside my boss’ office.

2) Dinner with a friend. My dear friend (which I, at times, call ‘boyfriend’) and I had dinner together. It was suppose to be on Saturday but then he got tied up. We went to a chinese restaurant at the Shangri-la Hotel. It was good (both the food and the conversation!). I just realise that I miss that ‘kind’ of relationship with my other friends (especially those back home — make a note… when I see you, I want food and conversation — with a dash of gossip! hehehe).

During dinner, my ‘boyfriend’ and I talked about the ordeal I had to go through last year. It felt different talking about it now. I could recall bits and pieces about the emails and the conversations but not the feeling. I guess, I’m healing… slowly. I’m in no rush but I felt light. I was still shaking when I was telling me ‘boyfriend’ about the situations and scenarios that had happened but it did not ruin my evening. I did not feel teary-eyed… I did not feel miserable.

So, today is a good day…

** Decided to post this even if it’s 1:30AM in the morning now because I don’t want you all to think that I’m in a major depressed mode… I’m happy actually… I’m really happy with all the things happening around me… I guess God does give us these trials we encounter everyday in order for us to appreciate what He has given us. I guess… **


Comments on: "Happy Day" (4)

  1. That’s nice to hear 🙂 Take care!


  2. Wow, cool. Congrats. 🙂 When are you coming home? Bring the book. 🙂

  3. In other news, your blog doesn’t seem to have an RSS subscription option. 😦 Bleh.

    I keep tabs on my favorite blogs through RSS na lang cos it’s much easier to see than visit each and every site. Kaso wala ka naman RSS kaya di ko madalas nakakabisita. 😦

  4. janeca – thanks! take care din… at merry xmas (in advance)!

    haze – shucks! i still don’t have the time to scan portions of the book (sorry!)… oo nga eh walang RSS ito.. though i have to tell you na i got the chance to view your page (remember LJ?) sa google hehe… kaya lng i can only read and not comment so yun!

    it was nice seeing you haze… really…

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