Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

A statement I got while reading a forwarded email.

I had to stop there.

This is the second year after that incident… yet, I feel like it just happened yesterday… I know I have to let go of this ‘feeling’ for me to move on.

I keep telling people that I have indeed move on but I don’t think I really have. I don’t want to wallow on it when the people who caused damage to my life is happily leading their lives.

I guess, it’s now time for me to really forgive and forget (but still be cautious). Maybe that was God’s way of letting be in-charge of my life and not let anybody run it for me.

After the incident, I have explored a lot of things, done things which they have told me not to do and yet here I am married, happy and wanting more from life!

With what happened, I was able to figure out what I want and who I really am, not really affected by what other people say (except for my fashion sense :P).

This is it.

I’m ready now… to face them in case I see them on  the street.

I need to make peace with myself and let it go.

This is me letting go.


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