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A Breather…

Rob and myself have been sitting at home for the past few days (1) when Bush came here and they had to close all… meaning ALL the roads ( I don’t think it was such a big deal but hey it’s just my opinion) and (2) when they asked us to go home because the water (meaning rain water) is already knee-deep in some areas.

We were bumming at home when news from the Philippines caught me a bit off (been hearing a lot of not-so-good news ).

Rob decided to treat me out and we went to the ‘B’ (Burjuman).

I was hesitant at first because I still have my cough and cold but I said to myself, What the heck! I need a breather anyway!

So off we went to the ‘B’ and headed straight to our favorite, Dunkin Donuts.

Over coffee and hot choco, we discussed stuff… my family, my obligations, our future, when should we have a baby and more stuff.

I don’t know… Rob just listens to me and listens to me tell him about my obligations.

Sometimes I wonder when should I stop thinking about my family and think about the family I’m about to have? When should it all stop?

I’m not bragging but I think most of my working life, I have given them a portion of me.

I sighed… that was all I could do.


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  1. http://exgroupie.multiply.com/journal

    im moving here, it’s official. see you around. =)

  2. I can relate to this. Ako, I’ve stopped na. I finally gathered the guts to tell my mom na I really need to focus on my own family now. And she understood completely. Sabi nga niya, she was expecting it na raw and she was thankful naman na I’ve helped them this long.

    I feel relieved but somehow I know I’ll still find ways to help them not out of obligation but because I just love them that much. Kaya eto, hanap ako ng raket for extra income para makapagbigay pa rin ako sa kanila every now and then.

    Have you tried telling them yet?

    Just a thought.

    Jayme 🙂

  3. anonymous said:

    dear di naman ako makarelate sa situation mo but my husband still is the breadwinner in his family. He supports his 2 siblings tuition, allowance and everything else in between sa schooling, even the bills at their house pati pampintura ng kotse at pampalengke sa kanila. nafru-frustrate ako paminsan sa mga in laws ko kasi malakas pa naman sila pero parang ayaw na nila magtrabaho or rumaket man lang sa avon or magbenta ng tocino, i felt na parang pagka graduate ng panganay nila o sige ikaw na bahala sa lahat ha… gudluck na lang. wala naman ako magawa diyan pero for me unfair lang.

    worried lang ako kasi i’m pregnant now and with the baby comes more expenses. he still has a brother about to enter college and siya ang gagastus dun.

    i also have a job but still… sa hirap ng kita ng pera sa pinas… haaay…


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