Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

Juggling Lives

In a circus, we look amazed whenever we see a juggler juggle about 4 to 5 things on his hand. How every catch he made is precise… quick!

Suddenly I had this thought… of how we juggle our roles in life. Me being a daughter, a sister, a secretary and a wife!

How we quickly change our roles every minute… or every hour! For about 10 hours of the day, I work as a secretary (cum IT coordinator cum receptionist cum etc etc) but at times when I receive a call from my hubby, I juggle in my role as a wife then if my family calls, I add in my role as a daughter and sister.

Several roles to juggle in a day … imagine doing that for 10 years or more!

Being spectators, we say our ‘aahs’ and ohhs’ to the juggler for a great act! This is the same reaction we get from our friends, after managing to juggle most of the roles we were tasked to do.

I wonder… when my role as a mother to my child will kick in? 😛


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