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Weekend Goals

A good friend of mine which we (college days) would call ‘Papa Ces’ and I had a conversation going about goals.

Both of us talked about what we love the most – Writing (and Reading)!

I told him that my goal was to get a bigger notebook as the notebook I carry with me is not big enough to carry all my thoughts. I need a dependable notebook.

So, off I went to Magrudys and bought myself a notebook (pic will be posted). Its’ not a moleskine nor an expensive notebook but it was good enough to carry my thoughts.

* One weekend goal done!

Apart from writing, Papa Ces and I also talked about our passion for buying books (without reading)! I always have this thing for buying books… of course I do want to read them… I’m just scared that when I’m prepared or ready to read them, they will not be available and I will end up feeling disappointed.

Today, I again bought myself three… yes three books:-

1) Eragon – a friend of mine recommended this book. According to her, this is sort of Harry Potter like only the villains are meaner!

2) Air Babylon – I have been looking for Beach Babylon really but I ended up with this one. Since it was a bit cheap, I decided to buy this and see if I’d like it before I buy Beach Babylon.

3) Everyone Worth Knowing – This is a book by Lauren Weisberger (author of Devil Wears Prada). Enough said.

*Two weekend goals done!


Not only that, I thought that I can still juggle another role in my life, that is to be a writer! Well, technically, I have been doing that however, I just want to affirm my goal and that is to at least try and write twice a week! Not only about the heartaches of my life (sort of the reason why I left my old site — too heavy for me!) but also for me to share the best moments of my life (apart from Rob of course!).



Comments on: "Weekend Goals" (1)

  1. papa ces said:

    Go for your goals! Do them.

    Speaking of which, I have to start on mine…


    : )

    I’m thankful we had that conversation. It helped me set my own goals and understand what it is I have to finish right now. Or at least spend much time on.

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