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Birthday Post

I had a long thought about this. I did not really want to do this because it’s a bit personal… however, I thought I need to share with all of you how sweet my hubby was – to surprise me before my birthday. I did not have an inkling what his surprise was.

I was actually irritated… because he kept bugging me to go to our room and leave my things there. I kept telling him that I’d rather finish cooking before going to our room because I knew I’d be tempted to watch tv or lie down – so I hesitated.

He kept insisting I go inside the room. I ran out of excuses not to go inside the room… so when I went inside, I was totally suprised to see this:-

Birthday Present
I Love u too!
Flowers Up Close
Flowers for me (aww)
I was speechless… I think I felt two drops of tears (just kidding!) fell from my face… It was amazing…
Next day, my actual birthday, I got two new books from my good friend/ office mate:-
Girls of Riyadh
A big thanks really… Birthdays are really great! 😛

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