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I thought buying one would stop the addiction but I was wrong… so wrong! 😦 I got more addicted!!

Now, I’m drooling to get this

(Macbook in grey)
(Macbook in black)

Just recently while strolling at Burjuman or the ‘B’ as I call it, I saw this beauty

(I am not sure if this was the one we saw but it’s 1.2kilos only — 1.2!!!)


However, I am just to admire its beauty until we get enough money to buy it. I’m in no rush however, I now feel the pain of my lappytoppy because it’s a bit heavy… 😦

I’m confused if I want a notebook or a laptop is there a difference? I need a laptop that’s lightweight so that I can take it with me since I usually roam around the house alot to gather my thoughts or if I want to write something but can’t think.

I need it so that when I’m in the mood for coffee, I can pack everything up and go to the nearest cafe without breaking my shoulder blade (okay, that’s a bit exaggerated but you do get the picture).

 The only problem that I have is that I’m still an XP user and is not comfortable to use Vista (because some of the programmes are not being recognised or I don’t know I see it as an enemy right now. Forgive me! :P).

Oh well, just wait and I’d be coming back to purchase you… soon? or soon!

This is an ADDICTION!


Comments on: "Addiction" (4)

  1. There’s a Sony VAIO in pink. Hay…nasa wishlist ko rin yun. 🙂

  2. Laptop and notebook refer to the same thing.

    For the record, I’m a big Asus fangirl. =D I think Sony notebooks are too overpriced for the features they sell. Did my research before I bought one. Hehehehe.

  3. bluejeansgirl said:

    jayme: i wanted the red one…

    haze: ah parehas lng pala *untog* i don’t know if I should buy one again… i guess i need to really save and not rely on my credit card… haay ang hirap nun! 😦

  4. I relied on a bank loan. Hehe. Couldn’t wait much longer e.

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