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Upcoming anniversary

I know guys would not like this post (mmm… I don’t have a lot of guy readers so I am not offending anyone at the moment!).

We, girls, love celebrations whether it’s birthdays, christenings, friendship days, wedding anniversaries and even ‘monthsaries’!

Honestly, when Robert and I started dating, he was not feeling ‘fab’ about the idea that we celebrate our anniversary every month! I had to remind him month after month.

In fairness to Robert though he forgets about it, he makes it a point to do something the next day (sweet!).

Though I think after eight years of being together, Robert got the message and would you believe that he’s the one who reminds me about our ‘wedding monthsary’ (hahaha).

The point of my blog? Our anniversary as boyfriend-girlfriend is coming up.

I still don’t know where should I take Robert. Yes, you heard me right. I feel that it’s my turn to ‘date’ him.

I have been going through restaurants, places to go… but I know my ‘baby’, he wouldn’t want us to spend A LOT of money just for one day so I’m thinking of doing something that would be memorable and personalised! Don’t get him wrong… we’re sort of on the trying times right now… so saving up is very essential!

Hopefully, I’d be able to come up with something 🙂

Wish me luck!


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