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being married

Robert and I went to church yesterday to offer our prayers and more importantly for me to visit HIM because I was not able to hear mass last week.

After waiting for about 1 1/2 hour, the bus came and luckily, we were able to get in. Two women offered me a portion of their seat. I thanked them and they carried on with their conversation.

I then overheard this discussion…

W1: Nakikita mo pa ba si ****?

W2: Di na eh. Pero dati close kami kaya lng kinasal na siya kaya di na kami close (sighs).

I thought about it… was that a serious comment?

I was not able to look at that person because she might realise that I was eavesdropping but I could not help but look back and contemplate if I was like that.

I never heard my friends complain about my status.

Robert does not interfere with me going out with my friends however, being married, I do need to realise that we are now two, in terms of expenses, decisions, etc.

I guess the answer for this kind of scenario for married men or women would be time management. I don’t believe in the idea that your group of friends should change just because you’re married though since you are married, your circle becomes bigger… because you get to meet couples in the same situation too!

Anyways, I think I’m grateful because I have a husband who is understanding when I tell him that I need to be with my friends… and likewise with his friends.

Balance… time management… are the key points for a healthy relationship.

Don’t you agree?


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