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Finally after a month of reading, flipping back to remember the story, I have finally finished Devil Wears Prada!!


I know…. There was already a movie about it however it still interests me what were the scenes deleted from the movie. In truth, a whole lot of the scenes were deleted!


Movie vs. Book

I am not going to elaborate much on this because the movie has long been shown but I just cannot help but see the difference between what transpired in the movie and what was actually written in the book.


The movie concentrated on the office set-up created by Miranda as well as the ‘new’ senior assistant, Emily.


(a scene from the movie ‘Devil Wears Prada’)


Another thing I noticed was that in the book the function held in the movie where both assistants were present was never there. Instead, there was a function at the Whitney Museum where Andy and only Andy was the one who attended it.


(a scene from the movie ‘Devil Wears Prada’)


In real life

After reading the book, it took me back to the very first job that I had. If Andy thought of using Runway as a stepping stone for her writing career, I thought of mine as my way to get more money should I decide to leave the company.


I guess we all have different approaches on how to manage our careers. Some would see it on a personal side and others well, it will then be more on how their career can help them out financially.


However, after all the idiotic requests and manic atmosphere of her work place, Andy has not lost her desire to fulfill her dream – to be a writer and I like that idea because there’s hope J


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