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For the past two weeks, my life was in a totally depressed mode. I cannot get out of the feeling… everytime I try, I always end up more unattentive, unfocused and totally not myself. Of course, this behaviour is not seen by other people though Robert noticed it. We had to talk about it because it was bringing me down.

I keep searching for the reason why I was feeling that – depressed.

I guess a lot of things are in my head right now… and trying to be a superhero, I want to solve them all at the same time but I know I can’t.

Everyday was a struggle for me… however, one day, I was surfing the net and thought of reading Bo Sanchez’s site (this is definitely not a plug) and his current post was about prayers… when and where to pray.

The post caught my attention and I read and re-read the whole post.

The next day right after work, my officemates and I went to Burjuman to have dinner.

While having dinner, one of my friends opened up about the situation they were in when she was younger. The struggles they had to overcome to get by.

On my way home, I thought about the discussions we had… I said to myself, my life is not that hard. The Lord just put a big mountain at my path and here I am screaming that I cannot do it?

Life’s obstacles should not weaken me but instead strengthen my faith to God.

Who am I to complain when I am enjoying life’s miracles. Having a wonderful husband… friends, my family who are all healthy and happy.

I am blessed.

Thank you God.

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