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Wifely Duties

Since it is my day off today (Saturday), I decided to stay at home and clean our room.

I have been debating that thought over the week… I mean Robert and I try our best to maintain cleanliness in the room however there are those hard to reach ends that needs cleaning.

So, after waking up at 10 and having my much deservd breakfast, I decided that I should start!

I was only scrubbing our floors when I received a text message from my good friend Jette,

‘Mare, we’re going ice-skating, wanna come?’

Honestly, I was half-tempted to leave the cleaning and go with them ice-skating! However, seeing the breakfast prepared by Robert, I decided to go on with the plan (as part of my thank you for preparing me breakfast today and all my mornings!).

I declined and went on as planned.

I swept the dust off and mopped the floor of our balcony. We don’t really have a good view but it won’t hurt to be able to sit outside and have coffee or read a book.

After the balcony, I mopped the floor tiles of our room then moved on to changing the sheets of our bed.

Did a lot of dusting… re-arranging of the figurines… done!

I rewarded myself by having potato salad with french salad dressing…

All that done…

I’m back with my laptop… 😉


Comments on: "Wifely Duties" (2)

  1. grabe… special mention?! hahaha

  2. siempre noh! hhahahhaha… naks, i didn’t know you visit my blog that often 😛

    thanks mare!

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