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5-Day Work Week

Last Thursday, we received a memo from our head office that we will officially be starting the 5-day week this May!

It caused a great deal of commotion to everyone in the office. We have been hearing snippets about the 5-day week and finally here it is, we are reading it!!

I just thought about the things that I can do with my Saturday…. A LOT (actually I already have a list of things to do in my head)!

I immediately told Robert about the great news!! Robert said that it’s a good move by our company… and also mentioned that I can now think about my writing.


Robert was indeed right about it. I now have more time to carry on with my writing and as a matter of fact, it’s on the top of my list. 🙂

Another to-do task is me taking a good look about my health. I am not overweight (not yet according to my BMI) but I know that if I don’t take control on what I eat, I would definitely be!

I’m thinking of going to the gym on my Saturday mornings so that my week starts with me – perky, happy and very positive.

So that’s two now!

I have not thought about my other ‘things to-do’ but I guess that’s enough to cover my Saturdays for three months!

** Still related to writing, I can now focus on learning courses at the J-institute (free courses sponsored by Poynter.org)!!

I think I’m getting excited!!!

Fun starts this Thursday!!


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