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Growing Tired

I thought I’d go away with my previous blog because I do not want to fill this blog with ‘depression’ and ‘negativity’ however, my blog today is all about it – Burn out!

I think I’m feeling burnt out because I’m frustrated of things not going as per my plan… things or situations beyond my control… and people who, I think, are born just to make you feel more frustrated.

I’m feeling tired of this whole circus!

I thought reading books about being positive, learning how to handle failures and reading success stories could bring my ‘spirits’ up… it did not.

I would be positive during the start of the day however as the day progresses, my positivity dwindles down… It’s like people eats up my ‘cheerful attitude’. 😦

Even so, I told myself that I’d still try.

But for now, my restlessness was eased by a scoop of al emaaq (courtesy of Baskin and Robbins).


Comments on: "Growing Tired" (2)

  1. Burn out! Ha! I feel that too a lot.

    Alam mo kung anong sagot pala diyan? Sleep. Itulog na lang natin.


  2. hahaha… actually, ginagawa ko yan and then ready to face the next day pero minsan mahirap pa rin talaga! 😦

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