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I just realise that if you actually look around retail shops, restaurants, call centers and other businesses that are customer-oriented, you would see that most of the frontliners are Asians.

I just noticed that.

This post’s intention is not to offend other nationalities but I have seen it in most of the shops and restaurants I have been to.

An Asian would greet me from the main entrance and when you look around the store or restaurant, you’d see that more Asians are inside, waiting to serve their patrons.

I think this is because we always do our service ‘with a smile’. 🙂

And I am proud of that!


Enjoy your day


Comments on: "Service with a Smile =)" (2)

  1. papa ces said:

    I don’t see myself working in a call center or restaurant. I easily get irritated especially with annoying customers.


    hahahah! I don’t believe that! I think you are patient… kelangan lng ng ibang atake siguro 😛

  2. Cute pic! 🙂

    Filipinos are really a hospitable bunch that’s why we’re so in demand for customer care jobs. I guess, in a way, it’s a good thing that more Filipinos are spreading all over the world so there’ll be more hospitable and warm – hearted people all around. 😀

    Thanks Jayme 🙂

    Filipinos are employed because of the way they deal with the issues. I think we are very patient (some) in explaining their issues. Indians naman are tech-savvy. Dito sa Dubai, very in demand sila and some of them are really, really good…

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