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I just notice that my smile is not genuine, my laugh sounds hollow.

I sometimes try to avoid the question ‘ How was your weekend?’ because I know (sometimes) I’d give a fake answer like

My weekend? Oh it was great!


Oh my weekend? It was okay (then a follow-up question would be ‘Only okay’?). Yeah because we only stayed at home – trying to be low key (then wink at them)

Ok… I think I’m exaggerating.

My weekends are not always ‘bad’… some are tolerable but some are totally exhilarating! 😉

The reason really for this post? I was laughing awhile ago over a joke and it was not really my best. A friend asked me how my day was and I gave my ‘fake’ smile and said ‘Uh hum… I had a good weekend!’

My response did not satisfied satisfy my friend really but he did not bother ask me about it.

I just want it back – my smile, my laugh.

Though this made me smile… pets!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Comments on: "Give me back my smile?!" (3)

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if we all have a ‘smile-filled’ weekend? This last weekend wasn’t great for me. It was very normal. Boring to be more precise.

    Btw, when you do buy that Neo, post something about it. I’d love to hear more about that little gadget.


    i just hope there is a ‘smile-filled’ week! or kahit 3 days out of the 7 days para di naman masyado feel ung pressure hehehe…

    yup! pag nabili ko na siya, I’d definitely make a review of it… super excited na nga ako eh! sana mabili ko siya talaga

  2. Don’t feel so bad, Rach. Get a kitty! Heh. Just don’t show your landlord 😀

    Thanks Haze. I don’t think I can do that kasi binabantayan kami closely ng watchman or natoor as we call it here… 😦

  3. love the video! sooo cute! thanks for sharing that smile 🙂

    I got that video from Yahoo! ang cool noh?! sabi ni Robert sa akin baka di naman daw lahat totoo so we had to look very closely 😛 Mukhang totoo naman lahat!

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