Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

I just finished reading a friend’s post and it got me thinking about the ‘new’ situation Robert and I are in.

Robert broke the news to me. It was not bad. He was a bit sad about the announcement but I wasn’t. I mean he does not have any control over the situation so why should I blame him?

Honestly, times like this make me realise how fortunate we both are. I mean, whenever I’m down, Robert is always and I mean always on my side. He supports me and accepts my tantrums irrespective of it being small or big.

It’s my turn now.

This is one of the lessons I learn by being in a relationship.

You should complement each other. 🙂

(I just realised my title does not ‘complement’ the content of my post… but it is true isn’t it?)


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