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I stayed a bit late than usual in the office today because my manager conducted a team talk and my oh my!

I was already expecting it – the whiners and the listeners.

In a meeting or discussion like this, where the top heads in our main office would want to inform the staff of the changes that has been happening in the company or the changes the company wants to implement, there will never be a time that we can get everyone and I mean, EVERYONE to agree.

I thought the 5-day week was going to be welcomed by everybody but I was wrong. It seems people in our office would want to slave all day, 24/7, to send money to their families. I don’t think they realise that if their body shuts down, it will be more trouble because they have to worry about their medical expenses and at the same time, worry about how they can provide for the family.

True, people would say “I’d rather work instead of having a day off because I only feel more homesick!” I think this is an excuse.

True, even if we work for 8 to 10 hours a day, I still believe that 3 hours of it is ‘idle time’.

No one works continuously (please speak up if I’m wrong)!

We went on and on about other stuff that they think the company is doing wrong, what the company should do and not doing, why this and why that.

In summary, we stayed there for about 2 hours going in circles (sometimes) and end up with less than 15 points to issue to our top heads.


** I still have about 4 ‘draft’ posts waiting to be published… reason for saying this? nothing. Thought I’d let you know.


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