Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

She inspires me…

Oprah has been there for so long and I think her career has reached its peak! The one thing I really like about her is how she imbibes positivity to women… that there is light at the end of that long and winded tunnel.

I have subscribed to her weekly newsletter and would occassionally read articles about women.

Awhile ago, I was reading an article from her magazine, O, about women who followed their passion (September 2003 web edition).

They have inspired me to pursue with my passion… no matter how hard it is.

I do hope that I can really give more focus to it.

A friend recently tapped me to contribute and write an article about Overseas Filipino Workers here in Dubai. I just got word that my work was incorporated in her article and will soon be released 🙂

Isn’t that great??

I hope I can get more opportunities like that.



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