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A nudge from a blog

My officemate (or soon to be ex-officemate), Mary Ann had introduced Bo Sanchez’s blog to me a few months ago.

Whenever Mary Ann would sleep over, we would visit Bo’s page and read about how he overcame the struggles and trials he had faced and will be facing in his life.

Bo would always remind his readers about God’s presence.

Sometimes, I would read his blog and would get a nudge. It’s as if God is taking to me through Bo’s blog – just like tonight.

Robert and I were just packing our stuff, debating which towel should stay with me, which cabinets should be thrown or given away and if the television should be sent home next month or later.

I kept fighting back my tears while I watched him pack his stuff.

Two weeks this coming August, we will be travelling to the Philippines. After that, we have to wait two years (or less) to be together.

Yes, I can arrange for two trips every year but that will not be enough.

Back to Bo’s blog, I have read his current blog and there he said you just have to surrender and let God deal with it.

So here I am surrendering.


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