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I’m Vack!

I’m vack! Yeap back… I think I’m still in my surreal world. Why? Because I do not feel anything at the moment. Why? I don’t know also.  

Since I’m vack, Robert’s not. As mentioned in my previous posts, we have decided to look for alternative ways to earn money. People around us have different opinions about the plan that we have. Some say, we should not think that there will be a lot of good opportunities for us in the Philippines while others say, we are doing the right thing by starting early.

Right now, we thought of looking for a good business venture.

**Fingers crossed**

Funny, I did not cry yesterday and today. I think the idea has not sinked in my head? or because I know this is only temporary?

It’s weird because when you know that you have to be brave on this kind of situation, you end up being – well, brave.

I think this is my brave face at the moment because we already have a game plan.

Let the games begin! 😉


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