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Mad Rush

I bet a lot of you have heard about Dubai. A land full of opportunities. I think it is safe to say that this is like the US only it’s in the Gulf region.

I think it’s even better than the US because here in Dubai, you only work for one company and you get to spend ‘more’ time with your family. However for those people who don’t have their families in here, they spend their quality time with friends.

According to my hubby, the Filipino population here in Dubai has already reached close to 1 million! Dubai has become a melting pot of different nationalities which also means it’s progressing well in terms of its economic stature.

Jobs get generated overnight because companies are sprouting like mushrooms in this place!

Now why am I saying all this? Because suddenly, a lot of colleagues have decided to leave the company and move forward.

It’s like the ‘in’ thing now.

2008 has been the year where changes took place in the company and sad to say, a lot of them did not see any positive with what the company has been planning for well, the company, so they packed their stuff (ballpen included) and decided to see what’s in store for them out there.

Some of them were successful and some are still searching for that ‘company’ that would give them what they want.

This month (being August), a very close friend left the company. She had her reasons (of course will not divulge it here) and I do respect that. The package presented by her current company is not something our company is prepared to offer.

It is a good move.

Next month, another close friend of mine will be leaving the company. Why? Same reason.

I wonder who will join the mad rush and present his / her resignation?? hmmm….


Comments on: "Mad Rush" (2)

  1. Hmm… you? Dito ka na sa Manila magtatrabaho? 😉

    Whatever you decide, just as long as it makes you happy. Go lang ng go!

  2. @Jayme: Hahahha, nice question! 🙂 I don’t know yet sana dyan n lng… I am still weighing my options and so are the other extra-extra stuff that I have to consider.

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