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A Long Distance Love Affair

We are now on week 2 of our long distance relationship.

I know I have not blogged about the first week because my mind was ‘on the go’. People in the office had letters to be sent, files to be searched and the list goes on.

Aside from that, I was busy unpacking (yeah, can you believe it? it took me a week to complete unpacking my stuff!), helping out my ‘new’ roommate, Mary Ann to move her stuff to our room.

Now that most of the paperwork has been sorted and our room is slowly transforming into a ‘room’, I get the chance to think about Robert.

How he would wait for me to come home and give me a hug after a long day at work, how he would make sure I eat breakfast before I go to work and more.

All those words of encouragement I keep telling myself is not effective anymore. I still put a brave face to other people telling them that I’m okay but right now, honestly, I want to break down and cry.

I miss Robert.

I told myself we will not have this kind of relationship – ever (after enduring a year of being apart when he was still my boyfriend).

I miss him. *sigh*

 Rob & Rach


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