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It gets harder…

I thought this is a good way to help me with my husbandsickness – by blogging.

A few hours ago, we just finished chatting. It was a good talk. Robert’s feeling a bit better (yeap. he had a flu… which made me worry for a day that caused me to forget important stuff in the office!).

It felt good but the minute he says he has to go… it gets harder.

Not seeing him next to me…. not seeing the smile or smirk or frown line on his face makes it hard. If only I can do something… if we can only do something like fast forward the time… or we end up getting enough money to start a business in the Philippines so that I can be there with him… we can be together again.

Whenever I would say I miss him a lot. He keeps quiet and then I realise I am also making it hard for him. I just cannot let the moment pass by… that’s what I feel at that time and I want him to know it.

It has been two weeks only but it feels like forever.

I have to stop now because I think I’d be crying if I continue.


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