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Listen up!

Listen up!

Robert and I talked awhile ago over the phone. At first, the line was not that clear because it was raining like cats and dogs in the Philippines. I felt irritated already so I decided to call Robert after 20 minutes.

I decided to try my luck again. Also, I have positioned myself in the office where there is a good mobile signal strength so that I can make a 5-minute phone call to Robert with less interruption.

Robert immediately answered the phone. He was updating me about the current developments of the joint venture he had with his friends. He asked me how my day was and I answered back.

Robert did not understand what I told him so he asked me to repeat what I have said. I did patiently but this time, I heard him talking to another person. I just got so irritated that I told him I’m going to hang up the phone.

There are two things:- First of all, I am very sensitive when Robert talks to the opposite sex, not that I do not trust him but I just have butterflies in my stomach when he giggles with them and I don’t even know who she is!?! (Yes, I get jealous easily. End of discussion)

Second, our conversation would usually last for about 5 minutes, the longest will be 10 minutes. In that time period, I am always hoping that we can at least have our focus on what we want to say and what the other person is saying. I get really irritated (I mean it) especially when I have to repeat myself a few times because the person on the other end of the line is not understanding what I’m telling him.

In the end, I hang up because I do not want to get more irritated.

I calmed myself down but I sent him a text message asking him to at least focus when we talk especially when I call him on his mobile.

He did not send any response and I know he got peeved with me as well…

So till this time that I’m writing this post, we have not spoken to one another. He did not even send me any text messages or whatever.

Now, this is where it gets hard!!

** girl with mega phone from http://inpop.com


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