Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!


you might be wondering why I’m not posting anything… for sometime now.

the reasons are:-


We have moved to our new site offices (yay!) but before that I had to make sure that we would be connected to the outside world – meaning our internet, emails and all the other ‘techie’ stuff would all be working. Aside from that, I had to coordinate with the carpenters about the layout, with the electricians to make sure that there is power available in the offices and office manager to sort out the carpets, tables, cabinets, etc.

Yes, it’s not a Personal Assistant’s task but my boss left it under my responsibility as he had to go away and attend a 2-week training.

I guess I have done a good job along with the other team who helped make the office look ‘homey’

Yehey to us! 🙂

Since it’s a new set-up, the I.T. connectivity is still in ‘trial and error’ mode. I.T. has to be sorted but at least people can work and not blame it on the connection.


Even with these things on my plate, I am also busy with keeping up with this long-distance relationship!

Officially, it has been a month and 6 days since I have come back here. Honestly, I tried my best – not to lose my patience, not to get jealous, not to overreact… but then I guess when you cannot see it with your own eyes and you merely rely on what you hear – it gets harder!

It’s hard to ignore that ‘feeling’ that something is not right yet you convince yourself that nothing’s wrong. Being away from each other does test our patience but also at the same time, widens the gap. It’s not something intentional but it happens.

I salute a lot of our friends here who have been living in Dubai for the past 10 years or so without their families. Satisfied that they only go home once a year – for 30 days and then back to Dubai for another 11 months.

This is something I am not prepared to do but I think I will join the bandwagon eventually.

I keep telling myself, it’s just going to be for two more years and I’m home…

and my two-year plan starts on November.


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