Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

Before when Robert was here, he would always get a bit irritated with me because I’m always (I mean it! Always!!) in front of our laptop. Either reading the news, looking at friend’s Facebook or Friendster or Multiply.

Whenever Robert would ask me what I’m doing, I always tell him that I’m looking for work online and then I get on with what I do… only at the end, realising that the main reason why I’m online is not done 😦

Now that Robert is busy and due to different time zones, I have been devoting most of my ‘online’ time looking for potential work (part-time).

I have submitted a few cover letters and some have even asked me to bid on their projects but I have not been accepted yet.

I know why.

I just apply and apply but I’m not really putting my heart into it.

Why? Because I get easily distracted. 😦

So, I need to get my act together… RIGHT NOW!!


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