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Being Real

I was reading my mail and got the chance to see a celebrity newsletter with Beyonce and Jay-Z as one of their topics for the week.

I was never a fan of Jay-Z what I know about him is that he is an entrepreneur and a producer. As for Beyonce, I like her songs way back her Destiny’s Child days and even now.

The two have been an item for a couple of years already and on April 2008, they had a quiet wedding with only their closest friends.

In an interview for a magazine, Beyonce opened up her feelings about their relationship and there she mentioned that what they have is real.

These days, due to the papparazzi always following the stars wherever they go (remember Noami Watts’ fit over the cameraman who kept on following her?), the people do not know if these celebrities are also using real life as a stage as well.

I just notice that some of the couples think that they’re ‘real life’ is an extension of their show and I pity those stars who see it that way because they lose themselves in the camera.

They will find it hard to know what’s the truth.

It’s a good thing I’m not a celebrity 😛


Comments on: "Being Real" (2)

  1. I also have doubts whether the private lives of celebrities are their actual private lives.

    Jennifer Lopez is an example of this.

  2. Sinabi mo pa! Kahit na they have all the riches in the world, I feel sad for them kasi they don’t get the chance to go through a ‘normal’ life but then I think naman nasa artista un. Kasi the likes of Brangelina, true, the papparazzi follow them everywhere but they do not pose for the camera.

    Papa Ces, ito ung pinost ko from scribefire 🙂

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