Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

These past few months have been hectic and busy!

Things have happened to me… some of it I cannot write here *wink*wink* (intriguing).

I have to be honest… being in a long-distance relationship is very HARD! 😦

Sometimes, I feel my patience is being tested… my trust for him and for myself.. and the longing that I feel (for someone to hold /kiss / fool around)…it’s a rollercoaster!

We’ve been away from each other for 4 months already yet it feels like years!

My mind is a mess at the moment… I kept telling myself that I now have a lot of spare time so that means I should be able to do what I keep putting off… like my writing and other stuff… but here I am not doing anything at all!!

So this is my attempt to go back and do what I have to do… I hope I can do this!


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