Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

I cannot think of an appropriate title for this blog post so let me just go on and tell you all about it… and then, maybe, if there are people reading this blog, can suggest what is the appropriate title for it.

Today was both high and low for me.

Let’s start with the high.


  • I feel high because of a lot of things and one of them was the sort of ‘send off’ party we had for my boss. It was a success (though I had a few lows in between)!!!
  • My boss loved the food… he enjoyed everything! The staff were able to mingle because of this gathering.
  • Another high for me today was because my boss loved the gift we bought him. Our managers in the office agreed to chip in so that we can organise this ‘do (including the gift!).
  • My day was concluded with a good friend giving me a gift which in all honesty, I was not expecting – Heroes Seasons 1 to 3! It was kind of sweet to think I have known this friend for like a month – I think!


  • As I have said, we were doing this ‘do and my other officemates (almost all of them) were giving us a ‘cold shoulder’. We have informed them that there would be lunch today as it was a leaving ‘do for our boss. Some of them really pissed me off! One said ‘we were not aware’ and walked away!! The nerve!
  • I didn’t think this week would come where my boss and I would say goodbye to one another. I know he’d still stick around but not seeing him and his jolly face everyday is weird. I was only half listening to his speech because I know I might burst into tears (and of course I do not want to do that in front of soooo many people).

All this got me so tired that according to my ‘boy’ friend I look like an old woman!!! Geesh!

However, seeing the smile in my boss’ face was enough to make me feel proud that I have done great today 🙂

** I’m going to miss him though**


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