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Hard Times

Ever since I came back here in Dubai, news about our project being closed down / suspended / stopped have been lurking around.

There are days when people would be working … sometimes, they would be huddled in one corner whispering in their native tongues… other times, the managers gather the staff around and would advise them to start looking for a job as our project might end very soon.

The thought of closing the project is sad but the idea that we would be losing our jobs is well, sadder?

While filing project documents, I just thought that this is the first time for me to encounter what they call a global economic depression. You could feel that the times are indeed tough or tougher!

Before, people would go one by one because they got a much better offer elsewhere but now, people would go because the company has made them redundant… what an irony!

For me, I feel sad because some of my friends have left the site while some are preparing to leave the site.

Our office used to be so noisy because of people chatting, some are arguing others are fighting but now, it’s like a ghost town.

Such hard times…


Comments on: "Hard Times" (2)

  1. ganun din sa amin when we had to let go of contractuals. naging matamlay na yung office. hayy.

  2. ang hirap noh?! ngyn naman, puros transfers ang nangyayari… ok lng un at least, walang natatanggal 🙂

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