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Ms. Key? Mrs. Alarcon?

I still remember when I was about 8 years old, I would always try to affix my crush’s last name to my first name and then I would ‘sort of’ practice calling myself ”Mrs._____’ or ‘Mrs. ____.’

Robert and I have been married for over a year now (though we have officially been together for 8 years going 9 this year!)… but I still use my maiden name.

I feel weird to still be using my maiden name. I do not have a choice, really (or maybe I do but I’m just too lazy to do it!)… because I do not want to go through the whole hulaboo of going to the Philippine Embassy and have my passport changed to my new surname – Alarcon.

After that, I have to notify all the banks that I am now married and will be using ‘Alarcon’ instead of ‘Key’ in my credit cards or bank accounts.

Also, most of my office mates are from different countries – Europeans, Indians, Chinese and Sri Lankan  and they find it hard to pronounce ‘Alarcon’… so instead of teaching them how to say my last name, I just tell them to still use ‘Key’ because I have not processed our papers.

In other words, I do not like the hassle!!! :/

However when I went back to the Phils last December, I felt a bit guilty because I am still not using Robert’s last name.

Hhmmm.. I guess it will come soon!

(Good thing Robert is still okay with it! Though I do not know how long will he tolerate it!)


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