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Hard Times (update)

It still is hard times here in Dubai.

You can read a lot of staffs being made redundant… emails flying around that our ‘kababayans’ need some assistance, financially… companies closing down because of this financial crisis.

Thankfully, in our site, they’ve sort of ended the dreaded phone calls from Head Office or the unexpected email you’d receive from your Inbox… for now!

Most of our staff in the office were transferred to Abu Dhabi, which is a good sign.

Another good sign is that we were able to secure a project inspite of the hard times! Isn’t that something? (“,)

As for me, aside from thinking about the hard times we are experiencing in Dubai, I am also thinking about my personal struggles – being away from my husband.

All throughout the week, I keep thinking about the total amount of loans that I have to pay and the credit cards (dammit!)! I keep thinking if my husband and I do have enough money to pay all these… but we don’t 😦

Robert who is missing me so much, is willing to take the risk of selling our property so I’d be home – such a tempting offer but not a good idea.

After labouring yourself in another country… and being away from your family and friends for the longest time – is that really the answer?


In the end, I said to myself, I have to stick to the game plan. I got this year and a year more to go and we will be debt-free.

Now, isn’t that a nice feeling? Plus, I’d get my end of service benefits which can be used for another business venture?! *wink*


Comments on: "Hard Times (update)" (2)

  1. woot! konting tyaga na lang ang magiging debt free ka na. πŸ™‚ you can do it!

  2. Thanks Calvin! πŸ™‚ Sana nga talaga.. konting tiis n lng… siguro pag malapit na malapit na… maglalagay na ako ng calendar hehhehe… countdown ika nga! πŸ˜›

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